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Passengers can use E-tickets to travel between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and the Mainland. Your identification document will become your ticket as it will be linked up to the ticketing system upon purchase. With an E-ticket, you simply use your personal identification documents to pass through the gates. Coupled with the one-stop real-name checking and ticket verification, you can now enjoy a more hassle-free travel experience than ever before. You can buy Cross Boundary E-tickets on the China Railway 12306 online ticketing platform to enjoy extra convenience.

Apart from the website, 12306 online ticketing platform also provides mobile app. To enjoy the service, all you need to do is to create a personal account*. 12306 accepts payment with international credit cards (e.g Visa and Mastercard), UnionPay and other designated payment methods in the Mainland.

Each passenger is required to provide a mobile phone number with SMS service (accept Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan mobile phone numbers only^) upon ticket purchase through 12306 online ticketing platform, Mainland stations or designated Mainland ticket agents. For passengers who may be unable to register and buy tickets on 12306 online ticketing platform with their mobile number due to network or service plan issues, please contact the telecommunications operator. Alternatively, you may consider to buy round trip tickets through Hong Kong ticketing channels.

[Four Benefits of]

No Need for Ticket Collection: After ticket purchase from 12306, you can simply pass through the gates with the personal identification document without the need to collect a ticket

One-stop Ticketing: Both Cross Boundary High Speed Rail tickets and Mainland Domestic Tickets are available

Convenient After-sales Services: Ticket alteration and refund can be processed online

Earn Points for Free Tickets: Join China Railway loyalty programme to earn points for redemption of free ticket

Learn More on Earning Points for Free Tickets

    Earn points

  • China Railway loyalty programme members can earn five (5) points for every RMB1 fare of spending on designated trains (including cross boundary and domestic section)
  • Redeem tickets

  • 100 points are counted as RMB1
  • Example: seven rides between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Guangzhounan Station (adult 2nd class fare: RMB215) are entitled to 7,525 points (RMB215 X 5 times X 7 rides). It is equivalent to more than RMB75 which can be used to redeem an adult 2nd class ticket between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Shenzhenbei Station (worth RMB75)
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Friendly reminder:

  1. Account registration: Holders of Home Return Permit please input name in Simplified Chinese and select Hong Kong mobile phone number for real-name checking
  2. Tickets are available for trains departing within 15 days
  3. Search Hong Kong West Kowloon Station: Simply input "香", "hkw" or "xg" for quick search. Or look up from the station list under index "X"

Service hours: 05:00-01:00 (next day) for ticket purchase and alteration (05:00-23:30 on Tuesdays); 24 hours daily for ticket refund

*12306 English platform only accepts account registration with email for foreign passport holders. Registered users can add their mobile phone number (only accept Mainland mobile phone number) in their account for verification before ticket purchase

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Note: 12306 online ticketing service is provided by China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. Please check the details of conditions of use from