Two sets of fare are available, namely Published Fare and Implemented Fare. Published Fare is the original price while Implemented Fare is the selling price. Implemented Fare will not be higher than Published Fare. Child Ticket fare is about half of Adult Ticket Implemented Fare.

Fares are set in Renminbi (RMB) with the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) fare being adjusted monthly subject to the prevailing exchange rate. Adjusted HKD fares will be announced on the first day of every month. For tickets sold in HKDs, the fare is the valid Implemented Fare for the current month which may not be the same as the fare on the date of travel.

Example: A ticket for departure from Hong Kong to Guangzhounan on 5 February is sold at HKD260 on 15 January. Due to subsequent appreciation of RMB, the HKD fare is adjusted upward to $265 on 1 February. That means you have to pay an extra $5 if you buy ticket on 1 February for the same journey.

Fares are different for different classes of travel. Second class, first class, premium class and business class are available with premium class and business class only available on some Mainland trains.