Barrier-free Train Trip

All our station staff have received training on how to assist passengers with disabilities. Please speak to our traveller service centre staff before the train departs so that we can provide you with services to ensure you enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

We can assist passengers with disabilities in boarding the trains. Due to safety reasons, our staff are unable to provide personal care services, including assistance for feeding or taking of medication, or in toilets. If such assistance is required, we suggest that you arrange for a caregiver for the journey. Please note that we may change the train numbers due to unforeseen circumstances, which may affect the assistance we can provide. However, we will try our best to ensure comfortable services under such circumstances.

Wheelchair Seat Reservation
Wheelchair Seat Reservation

Passengers with special needs can reserve a wheelchair seat with our staff during ticket purchase.

Station Exit and Entry

MTR Corporation cares about the needs of passengers with disabilities. We are continuously striving to improve facilities and provide the disabled, as well as other passengers with special needs, barrier-free train access to help them enjoy MTR services. All major exits at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station are equipped with barrier-free access to facilitate exit from and entry to the station.


Currently, Hong Kong West Kowloon Station has 64 lifts that connect the different levels and ground floor of the station to make it easy for wheelchair users to enter and exit the station and use the facilities.

Staff Assistance Counters

Staff Assistance Counters at Level B1 will provide assistance for identity verification under the Real Name Ticket Policy and ticket checking.

Hearing Impaired

Barrier-free Ticketing Counter

A barrier-free ticketing counter with an induction loop system is available at Level B1. Hearing impaired passengers are invited to use this counter for all ticketing and enquiry services.

Information Cards

Information Cards, to assist with communication between hearing impaired passengers and station staff, are available at the Information Counter at Level B1.

Passenger Information Display Systems

Passenger Information Display Systems provide visual messages for passengers. They are installed at the entrances and concourses, with a next train to depart visual message always displayed on platforms. Trains are also equipped with displays showing the name of the next station as well as operating and safety information.

Visually Impaired

Audible Lift Messages

Audible messages indicating travel direction and floor level are broadcast in all passenger lifts.

Tactile Guide Paths

Tactile guide paths provide directions for visually impaired passengers to different station facilities.

Escalator Audible Warning Signals

To help visually impaired passengers locate escalators and identify the running direction, audible warning signals are installed on all escalators at platform level and in the concourse.

Tactile Station Layout Maps

The Station is equipped with Tactile Station Layout Maps to familiarize visually impaired passengers with the station layouts.

Facilities with Braille Plates

Braille plates are installed at accessible toilets, lift buttons, lift level plates and staircase handrails.

Broadcasts at Platform Level and On-board Trains

Automatic voice announcements will be broadcast to remind passengers to board the train immediately when a train is about to depart. All trains are equipped with a digital broadcasting system which automatically gives the name of the next station.

Mobility Impaired

Barrier-free Ticketing Counter

A barrier-free ticketing counter is available at Level B1. The counter is designed to be easily accessible for passengers using wheelchairs.

Priority Lane

Passengers with special needs should use the Priority Lane to enjoy a smoother process for real-name checking/ticket verification, baggage and security checks.

Accessible Toilets

Designated accessible toilets equipped with handrails and call buttons are provided in the Station and on the Vibrant Express to meet the needs of mobility impaired passengers.

Wheelchair Space inside the Vibrant Express

Two dedicated wheelchair spaces are provided in car number 7 in the Vibrant Express. Passengers who would like to reserve a wheelchair space for their journey should go to the Ticketing Counters at Level B1 or call the Service Hotline on (852) 2120 0888.