20-ride Ticket ‧ 30-day Ticket

After purchasing the 20-ride/30-day Tickets, passengers can take multi-rides between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and a selected short-haul Mainland Station based on the class of travel and the maximum number of rides specified on the ticket, through seat reservation within the validity period.

Ticketing Channel

12306 official website or mobile app (applicable to registered users)

Validity Period (calculated from the day of first travel)

  • 20-ride Ticket:90 days / 20 rides
  • 30-day Ticket:30 days / 60 rides

The purchased ticket must be activated within 30 days (including the day of purchase). Failure to activate the ticket for travel within this period will result in it becoming invalid, and the ticket price for the invalid ticket will be refunded accordingly

Applicable Trains and Stations

Short-haul trains travelling between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Futian, Shenzhenbei, Guangmingcheng, Dongguannan, Changping, Dongguan, Humen, Qingsheng, Guangzhounan, or Guangzhoudong

Ticket Type and Class of Travel

Adult Ticket: First or Second Class


  • Subject to the ticket type, combination of stations and class of travel
  • Priced and sold in Renminbi (RMB)

Seat reservation or directly obtain seat for travel

  • Depart from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station: Passengers should reserve a seat through the 12306 official website or mobile app in advance
  • Depart from the Mainland Station: Passengers may either reserve a seat through the 12306, or bring along the original valid identification document used for purchase:
    (i) to reserve a seat at ticket machine, or
    (ii) to directly obtain a seat at entry gate after the completion of real-name checking. The trip information will be sent by SMS to the registered mobile number of the passenger
  • Cut-off time for seat reservation or obtaining a seat is subject to the arrangement at the departure stations and channels:
    (i) 12306 official website or mobile app: 45/30 minutes before train departs^
    (ii) Ticket machines and entry gates in the Mainland Stations: Subject to the arrangement of the stations
  • Maximum number of seats can be reserved under each ticket: 4 seats for 20-ride Ticket / 10 seats for 30-day Ticket
  • The maximum seat reservation will be limited to one until remaining rides in the ticket are fully utilized or the ticket has expired if the cumulative cancellations is five times within 48 hours of the train departure time (applicable to 20-ride / 30-day Ticket), or if the passenger fails to travel for five times after making seat reservations (applicable to 30-day Ticket)
  • Failure to cancel the seat reservation before the train departure time will be counted as one completed ride
  • For details of the reserved seat, please refer to the 12306 official website or mobile app, or ticket machines in the Mainland Station

^45 minutes before train departs from Hong Kong, 30 minutes before train departs from the Mainland


  • Each passenger is allowed to hold a maximum of two tickets for the same departure and arrival stations at one time. However, the passenger shall confirm that the previously purchased ticket has already been activated for travel before acquiring a second ticket for the same departure and arrival stations
  • Passenger who holds multiple tickets applicable for the current train but not yet reserved seats must go to the manual ticket gate and choose the corresponding ticket for entry
  • Passengers are only allowed to board the train according to the reservation or seat obtained. Travel beyond the designated arrival station, disembarkation mid-journey, or travel in other classes is not allowed
  • This ticket cannot be used for Flexi-trip Arrangement
  • Reimbursement Receipt can be collected from the Ticketing Counter 1-5 or the Mainland Stations
  • For declaration of children travelling for free, please use the 12306 official website or mobile app

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