Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a Cross Boundary Ticket?

A Cross Boundary Ticket is a train ticket for a journey with Hong Kong West Kowloon Station as the departure or arrival station, e.g. from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Guangzhounan Station, or from Chaoshan Station to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

When buying a Child Ticket, are the age and height of the child as at the date of purchase?

No. The age and height of the child are as at the date of the journey.

Under what circumstances can a child ride for free?

A child below the height of 1.2m and accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or above) with a valid ticket may travel for free provided that the child does not occupy a seat. A ticket is required when more than one child is travelling with an adult or when the child who is travelling for free is occupying a seat.

Must a Child Ticket be bought using the child's identification document?

A Child Ticket can be bought using the identification document of the child or the accompanying adult.

Can the traveller's name be altered after buying a ticket?

The traveller's name on a ticket cannot be altered. All high speed rail tickets are sold on a real-name basis. When buying a ticket, travellers must ensure that the name, identification document number and other identification information entered are consistent with the identification document used for the ticket purchase.

Can I choose my seat when buying a ticket?

After selecting the departure date, train number and class of travel, the ticketing system will automatically assign a seat.

When buying round trip tickets, can the name list of the outbound journey be different from the name list of the return journey?

No, the departure date, train number and class of travel of tickets in a booking must be the same. In addition, for round trip tickets booking, the name list of the outbound journey and return journey must be the same.

Are there standing tickets for high speed rail?

Cross-boundary travellers on high speed rail must be seated according to their seat number. Standing tickets are not available. A child who is travelling for free must be seated with other ticket holders.

How to reserve wheelchair space? Are there additional charges?

For the convenience of wheelchair users, trains are equipped with wheelchair spaces. Travellers who require wheelchair spaces can buy their tickets at the ticketing counters at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station or via the tele-ticketing (tele-ticketing hotline 2120 0888). Fares for wheelchair users are the same. There are no additional charges.

Why do the fare for tickets for the same train number and same departure date from Hong Kong ticketing channels change depending on the time of booking?

Fares are set in Renminbi with the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) fare being adjusted monthly subject to the prevailing exchange rate. Adjusted HKD fares will be announced on the first day of every month. For tickets sold in HKDs, the fare is the valid Implemented Fare for the current month which may not be the same as the fare on the date of travel.For example: Traveller A bought a ticket in the middle of January for the journey from Hong Kong to Guangzhounan on 5 February and the HKD fare for that month is HKD260. Traveller B is buying a ticket for the same journey after the HKD fares have been adjusted based on changes in exchange rates on 1 February, so Traveller B may have to pay HKD265 to buy a ticket for the same train number and same class of travel.

Can payment be made using electronic wallets?

Different Hong Kong ticketing channels accept different forms of payment. Click here for more information.

What are the things to note when buying a ticket using a ticket machine?

Ticket machines only accept ticket purchase and collection using an original Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (i.e. Home Return Permit) or PRC Resident Identity Cards. Ticket machines only accept HKD10, HKD20, HKD100 and HKD500 notes, and HKD1, HKD2, HKD5 and HKD10 coins, and up to a maximum of 15 notes and 15 coins per transaction. Ticket machines also support electronic payments, including Octopus, Visa payWave and contactless Mastercard, up to HKD1,000 per transaction.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

Yes. For example, when buying a ticket at a ticketing counter at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, only the original or photocopy of a valid identification document of the traveller is required. When buying a ticket at a ticket machine, an original identification document is required (only accepts Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (i.e. Home Return Permit) or PRC Resident Identity Cards)

Are online ticketing and tele-ticketing available 24 hours a day?

No, the service hours for online ticketing are from 6:00am to 11:30pm, while the service hours for tele-ticketing are from 7:00am to 9:00pm.

Are the train numbers shown during ticket purchase real-time?

Train departure and arrival times are based on the train schedule and may be changed under special circumstances such as service disruption. For more information, pay attention to announcements at the stations and on the website and high speed rail mobile app.

Is the information for all tickets available on the ticketing website?

Information on Cross Boundary Tickets for journeys during the pre-sale period (i.e. 30 days) is available through the online ticketing website. After the ticketing cut-off time or when a departure is sold out, the website will stop displaying information for that train.

When I buy an Adult Ticket and a Child Ticket, why is only the Adult Ticket shown when entering my personal information?

This is because a Child Ticket must be bought with an Adult Ticket. When buying a ticket, the adult traveller can press the “+” symbol to add the number of accompanying children and the system will then display the information fields for the Child Ticket.

When buying a ticket online, via the tele-ticketing hotline or through a ticket agent, why do I need to set a ticket collection password?

It depends. If a password is set, tickets can be collected at the ticket machines. The same password must be used for online ticket alteration and booking enquiry.

Travellers who bought their tickets via the tele-ticketing hotline can use their mobile phone number as the ticket collection password.

In addition, if travellers bought their tickets online or via the tele-ticketing hotline and did not set a password, they can collect their tickets using their credit card.

Must an email address be provided when buying a ticket online or through a ticket agent?

It depends. For travellers who provide an email address, the system can send the ticket booking confirmation to the email address. Travellers who do not wish to provide an email address can print the booking record after buying their tickets.

Why must I provide my mobile number when buying a ticket?

In the event of changes to train services, we will inform travellers via different channels. By providing their mobile number, travellers can receive the relevant information in the future (only for Hong Kong mobile numbers). Travellers can also download the high speed rail mobile app released by MTR or pay attention to the latest service announcements at train stations and on the website.

Why does the system show an overtime error and that the ticket purchase cannot be completed?

The ticket purchase process must be completed within 30 minutes after selecting a train.

Can I buy physical train tickets through a MTR's appointed ticket agent?

Tickets bought from a MTR's appointed ticket agent must be collected at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

Are there any baggage restrictions?

The maximum weight of baggage (excluding folding wheelchairs for the disabled) that can be carried by travellers is: Adult 20 kg; Child 10 kg (including children travelling for free); Diplomat 35 kg. The sum of the length, width and height of hand-carried baggage must not exceed 130 cm.