Frequenty Asked Questions

Under what circumstances must a ticket be collected? Can I collect a return ticket in the Mainland if I booked through MTR ticketing channels?

Tickets purchased through MTR ticketing channels including online, tele-ticketing or ticket agent must be collected at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station regardless of whether the ticket is an outbound or return ticket.

Can someone collect my ticket for me?

Yes, but the original identification document of the traveller must be produced.

Why can’t I collect the ticket from a ticket machine at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station using my credit card if I have bought that ticket via a ticket agent using a credit card?

The high speed rail ticketing system does not record payment information for tickets purchased through an agent. Travellers collecting such tickets at a ticket machine must provide the booking number, ticket collection password and the original identification document. Click here for details.

If I failed to collect the ticket that I booked, can I still collect it after the train has departed?

For tickets purchased via the online, tele-ticketing services or through a ticket agent provided by MTR, travellers can still collect their tickets within 20 days after the train has departed.

Can I collect the ticket that I booked using the Mainland website in Hong Kong?

Tickets purchased via Mainland's 12306 website or mobile app can be collected at any stations or other designated locations in Mainland as well as at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. Click here for details.