Futian Same-day Flexi-trip Arrangement

Starting from 14 August 2023, passengers travelling between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Futian Station can make extra three last-minute changes to their train trips on the day of travel through the Futian Same-day Flexi-trip Arrangement*, in addition to the General Ticket Alteration. There is no service charge for this change.

5 Key Points of Flexi-trip Arrangement

  1. Applicable for passengers travelling between West Kowloon Station and Futian Station who wish to make changes to their train trip on the day of travel*
  2. Allow to change your train trip up to 3 times on the day of travel
  3. Must be processed no later than 1 hour after train departs
  4. Select new departures from the 38 direct trains running between West Kowloon and Futian (excluding trains with Futian as an intermediate stop)
  5. A ticket with the same Class of Travel as the original ticket will be arranged

*If you have not altered your ticket before and it is not past the cut-off time for the General Ticket Alteration, you must first use the General Ticket Alteration to change your train trip. Afterward, you can use Flexi-trip Arrangement for additional changes. Cut-off time for General Ticket Alteration is 45 minutes before the train departs from Hong Kong and 30 minutes before the train departs from Mainland

Warm Reminders:

  • When processing the Flexi-trip Arrangement, passengers holding Second Class Tickets may be assigned Non-reserved Seat Tickets, which may require standing during the journey. This arrangement is not applicable to passengers holding "First Class" and above tickets
  • Refunds are not available for tickets that have been changed through Flexi-trip Arrangement

Recommended Ways to Change Ticket through Flexi-trip

The most convenient way to process Flexi-trip is through self-service. It only takes a few steps to complete.

  • 12306 Mobile App and Website (Chinese platform only)
  • Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
    • Ticket Machines: at the Ticketing Concourse on Level B1 (before entering the gate)
    • Flexi-trip Self-service Points: at the opposite to the Gate no. 11 in the Departure Concourse on Level B3 (after immigration)
  • Futian Station
    • Ticket Machines: at Ticketing Concourse

Warm Reminders:

  • Flexi-trip can also be processed at the Ticketing Counters of West Kowloon and Futian stations
  • 12306 is available for registered users only on Chinese platform. It processes Flexi-trip for tickets paid by e-Payments.
  • Self-service Points and Futian Ticket Machines only accept Home Return Permit, Mainland China Resident Identity Card and Mainland China Passport.
  • When using Flexi-trip through Ticket Machines, Flexi-trip Self-service Points and Ticketing Counters, only one ticket can be handled at a time
  • Self-service Points do not have a printing function. Please take a photo of the new ticket information to facilitate boarding. You can also check the ticket information at the Ticketing Counter if necessary
  • Passengers who have collected the Reimbursement Receipt can only process Flexi-trip at the Ticketing Counters. You must return the Receipt when processing it. We suggest you to collect the Receipt after travel

Other information:

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