20-ride Ticket ▪ 30-day Ticket

From 25 January 2024 onwards, passengers may, based on their travel needs, opt for multi-rides on short-haul trains arriving at and from a fixed Mainland station via West Kowloon Station with a 20-ride Ticket or 30-day Ticket. Business travellers and commuters who frequently travel to and from the Mainland can now benefit from a more convenient ticketing arrangement that offers both time and cost savings.

Ticket Type 20-ride Ticket 30-day Ticket
Station Combination A journey to and from a fixed Mainland station of your choice via West Kowloon Station:
Futian / Shenzhenbei / Guangmingcheng / Dongguannan / Changping / Dongguan / Humen / Qingsheng / Guangzhounan / Guangzhoudong
Time and Ride Limits 20 rides within 90 days* 60 rides within 30 days*
Discounts^ Up to about 11% Up to about 36%
*You can choose between First Class or Second Class Adult tickets. Tickets must be activated for travel within 30 days from the date of purchase (including the date of purchase) and are valid from the first day of use
^Discounts are based on the calculation of using all the trips for Guangzhoudong on First Class

[5 Advantages that Meet Your Needs]

Time-efficient experience: A single purchase for multiple rides saves you time and hassle

Station combination as desired: Buy short-haul rides to/from a fixed Mainland station (from a selection of 10 stations) via West Kowloon Station based on your travel needs

Flexible trip planning: Reservation for multiple train trips can be made concurrently within the validity period and cancelled for free as needed

Ticketing on-the-go: The ticket purchase and reservation can be completed online in one go through the China Railway 12306 online ticketing platform

Cost savings: Prices can be checked on 12306. The price and fare discount are determined according to ticket product types, station combinations and Classes of Travel


  • If a passenger does not activate the tickets within 30 days after purchase (including the date of purchase), the tickets will become invalid. Full fare will be refunded to the original payment methods
  • These tickets are not applicable for Same-day Flexi-trip Arrangement

[3 Steps towards Easy Travel]

  1. Ticket purchase: Registered users of the China Railway 12306 online ticketing platform can buy tickets on its website and mobile app. Tickets are sold in renminbi
  2. Seat reservation: Upon ticket purchase, seat reservation must be made for boarding via the following channels. Maximum of 4 train trips and 10 train trips can be booked concurrently for 20-ride Ticket and 30-day Ticket respectively
    • 12306: Ticket information can be retrieved in 12306 account after reservation
    • Ticket machines at Mainland stations: Trip Information Reminders with details of train journeys are available after reservation
    • Boarding gate at Mainland stations: Seats can be obtained simply by entering the gate with the identification document used for ticket purchase, and ticket information will be sent to the pre-set notification channel in passenger's 12306 account or their registered mobile phone number via SMS
  3. Boarding: Enter the gate with identification document used for ticket purchase

Other information:

Multi-ride Ticket Leaflet
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