High Speed Rail is ready for service again on 15 January

High Speed Rail is ready for service again on 15 January 2023 with short-haul train services to/from Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou. What's more, 3 new stations are added, namely Guangzhoudong, Dongguan and Dongguannan. The new Guangzhoudong route will bring you directly to Tianhe commercial district in Guangzhou, offering a convenient journey for both business and leisure travellers.

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[Train Service Arrangement]

Resumption of short-haul destinations: Hong Kong West Kowloon, Futian, Shenzhenbei, Guangmingcheng, Dongguannan, Dongguan, Humen, Qingsheng, Guangzhounan and Guangzhoudong

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[Travel Arrangement]

High Speed Rail passengers are required to have:

  • A valid travel document
  • A report for a negative nucleic acid test taken within 48 hours of travel
  • A completed Mainland health on-line declaration*

The above information is updated on 12 January 2023. Please check the latest information published by the government.

* You may fill in the form in advance through this link.

[Ticketing Service Arrangement]

A new cross-boundary E-ticket is launched. Ticket information is linked up with your travel document by the ticketing system upon purchase. To take the train, simply pass through the gates directly just with your travel document. E-tickets are available on China Railway 12306 online ticketing platform, at stations and designated Ticket Agents.

Handy tips for buying High Speed Rail tickets:

  1. Check ticket availability through clicking on the link
  2. Consider buying tickets through the 12306 website/app or appointed travel agents. 12306 mobile app will be upgraded from time to time. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version

    Scan to download the official China Railway 12306 mobile app
  3. If you would like to buy tickets at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station,
    • bring your credit card with paypass function and the original travel documents of ALL travel companions to buy tickets from the self-service ticket vending machines
    • if you want to buy tickets from the ticket counters, a long waiting time can be expected

Click here for a short video for E-ticket overview

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Note: Advance sales period is now adjusted to 15 days. Each passenger is required to provide a mobile phone number with SMS service (accept Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan mobile phone numbers only) upon ticket purchase through 12306, Mainland stations or designated Mainland ticket agents. Alternatively, you may consider to buy round trip tickets through Hong Kong ticketing channels.

[Preventative Measures]

A series of infection preventative measures had been implemented at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and High Speed Rail trains to safeguard the health of passengers for a safe journey. Click here to learn more.

Short videos of preventative measures (in Cantonese with English subtitles):

A kind reminder:
According to the "Rules for Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail Cross-Boundary Passenger Transport", flammable liquids including antibacterial hand sanitising gels or sprays containing ethanol (alcohol) are prohibited on trains. If required, please use alcohol wet wipes.