Coverage extension to additional 14 stations

High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) extends coverage to 58 Mainland stations with 14 new destinations.

  1. Route enhancement:

    • Long-haul trains will be increased from 13 pairs to 17 pairs per day. Converted from current short-haul trains, the 4 additional long-haul train pairs will travel to/from Chongqing, Nanning, Tianjin and Zhaoqing.
    • 1 of the 5 existing train pairs which terminate at Chaoshan Station will extend its service to Shantou Station.
  2. Additional stations:

    • Baiyangdian, Chongqingxi, Foshanxi, Handandong, Hengshanxi, Guiyangdong, Nanningdong, Sanshuinan, Shantou, Tianjinxi, Wuzhounan, Yueyangdong, Zhaoqingdong, Zunyi
    • Popular attractions

      Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

      Foshanxi - Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

      The main attractions of the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln include Nanfeng Ancient Stove, Guangdong Shiwan Ceramic Museum, High Stove, God Banya, The Lin's Hall and buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The scenic area covers over 1,000 acres, where visitors may enjoy the professional performance of the pottery master or experience the fun of making pottery in the pottery centre.

      Transportation: From High Speed Rail Foshanxi Station, walk 200 metres to Foshanxi Bus Station and take Bus K3 towards Lingnan Avenue. Get off at Haikou Bus Station and walk for about 16 minutes.

      Nan'ao Island

      Shantou - Nan'ao Island

      The size of Nan'ao Island is equal to the sum of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, and it is the only island county in Guangdong Province. The scenery on the island is unique; visitors may visit fishing families and try delicious seafood along the sea route. Also, tea gardens and orchards are available along the mountain route for visitors to enjoy and embrace the nature.

      Transportation: From High Speed Rail Shantou Station, walk for about 11 minutes to Shantou Central Bus Station and take Bus 161A towards Shanding Dayuan. Get off at Changshanwei Bus Station.

      Seven Star Crags

      Zhaoqingdong - Seven Star Crags

      Mountains, forests, caves, lakes, stone carvings and temples are the signature features of Seven Star Crags, which constitute a unique landscape of "mountains in the lake, caves in the mountains, and rivers in the caves", also known as "Paradise on Earth". There are 531 stone carvings in Seven Star Crags (including 333 carvings in the Stone Room Cave) and that the carvings on the cliffs are intricate. Seven Star Crags is by far the best-preserved stone carvings cluster in Guangdong Province.

      Transportation: From High Speed Rail Zhaoqingdong Station, walk for about 11 minutes to Zhaoqingdong Bus Station and take Bus K01 towards Zhaoqing Paifang Park. Get off at Huanggang Bus Station and change to take Bus19 towards Qixingyan Ximen (West entrance of Seven Star Crags). Get off at the terminal.

      Qingxiu Mountain

      Nanningdong - Qingxiu Mountain

      Qingxiu Mountain (meaning green and beautiful) got its name from its green trees and majestic hills. The scenic area is huge, consisting of 18 large and small mountains. In recent years, many new attractions and facilities were built, such as the rainforest zone, palm tree garden and sightseeing cable cars.

      Transportation: From High Speed Rail Nanningdong Station, take Metro Line 1 and change to Line 3 at Jinhu Square Station towards Pingliang Overpass. Get off at Qingxiushan Station and walk for about 3 minutes from Exit B.

      "10-Mile Gallery" Scenic Spot

      Guiyangdong - "10-Mile Gallery" Scenic Spot

      Kaiyang County is located in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. The "10-Mile Gallery" scenic spot in the county consists of over 10 natural villages around Hefeng Township and Nanjiang Township, lying along the Qinglong River. The bucolic scenery along the banks as well as the mystical villages of the ethnic minorities are found impressive to visitors.

      Transportation: Take a 1-hour taxi ride from Guiyangdong Station.

      Yueyang Pavilion

      Yueyangdong - Yueyang Pavilion

      Located at the west gate of Yueyang, Yueyang Pavilion is known as one of the three great towers of Jiangnan region alongside the Pavilion of Prince Teng and Yellow Crane Tower. The main tower is 21.35 metres high with three floors. The whole building is only supported by four large wood pillars without a single nail or crossbeam. Another feature of the pavilion is the shape of the roof resembling a general's helmet.

      Transportation: From High Speed Rail Yueyangdong Station, walk for about 7 minutes to Yueyangdong Bus Station and take Bus 55 towards Nanyuepo. Get off at the terminal and walk for about 8 minutes.

      Hongya Cave

      Chongqingxi - Hongya Cave

      Decorated with faux wood, the appearance of Hongya Cave inherits the stilt houses of Linjiang in the 1940s. The beautiful butterfly tiles and stone pavements re-enact the traditional architectural style. After remediation in 2006, it was reopened and transformed into a food and leisure street area with Chongqing's characteristics. Since the outlook of Hongya Cave resemblance to the Onsen House in Hayao Miyazaki's animation "Spirited Away", it has exploded in popularity among tourists.

      Transportation: Take a 40-minute taxi ride from Chongqingxi Station.

      Ferris Wheel (Eye of Tianjin)

      Tianjinxi - Ferris Wheel (Eye of Tianjin)

      "The Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel" is the full name for "Eye of Tianjin". It is the only wheel in the world which is built on a bridge across the river, serving both sightseeing and traffic functions. The Ferris wheel is 110 metres in diameter, which is equivalent to the height of a 35-storey building. It can carry up to 384 visitors at a time.

      Transportation: From High Speed Rail Tianjinxi Station, take Bus 910 or 904 towards Huaihe Road Bus Station. Get off at Yongleqiao Bus Station and walk for about 7 minutes.

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  3. More Mainland stations within 5-hour journey time

    New stations Shortest journey time
    Foshanxi Approx. 1.5 hours
    Zhaoqingdong Approx. 1.5 hours
    Shantou Approx. 3.5 hours
    Nanningdong Approx. 4 hours
    Original stations Shortest journey time
    Futian Approx. 14 minutes
    Shenzhenbei Approx. 18 minutes
    Guangzhounan Approx. 46 minutes
    Huizhounan Approx. 70 minutes
    Chaoshan Approx. 2.5 hours
    Guilinxi Approx. 3.5 hours
    Changshanan Approx. 3.5 hours
    Xiamen Approx. 4 hours
    Quanzhou Approx. 4.5 hours
    Wuhan Approx. 4.5 hours
    Nanchangxi Approx. 5 hours