New sleeper train to Beijing and Shanghai

New sleeper train to Beijing and Shanghai

Starting from 15 June, High Speed Rail launches EMU Sleeper Train connecting Hong Kong West Kowloon station to Beijingxi Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station. You can depart from any of these cities every Friday to Monday night and arrive at your destination the following morning. Enjoy a restful night's sleep and embark on your exciting itinerary in the early morning. Try a totally new experience of cross boundary long distance train travel, Let's go!

Currently, long-haul train from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Beijingxi Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station only operate during the daytime. With the newly launched EMU Sleeper Train, passengers can take advantage on the "sleep and arrive" concept, best utilizing the travel time in the night and provide traveler a more flexible and convenient travel option.

Tickets are available for booking from 5 June*.

*Not yet available on individual agency, please contact your agency for details

[Class of Travel]

The sleeper trains operating between Hong Kong and Beijingxi Station, as well as between Hong Kong and Shanghai Hongqiao Station, consist of sixteen cars, accommodating approximately 600 passengers. The train composition includes thirteen sleeper cars, one dining car, and two second class seating cars. Moreover, the trains to and from Shanghai Hongqiao station also feature one premium sleeper car. The cabin classes are as follows:

Class of Travel Specification Photo Reference
EMU Deluxe Sleeper Twin room is equipped with 1 bunk bed, and a shared wardrobe, a sofa, and a kettle. The room is separated from the aisle by sliding doors. This cabin class is available on the Hong Kong-Shanghai route only. EMU Deluxe Sleeper
EMU Sleeper Quadruple room is equipped with 2 bunk beds, accompanied by a small table and shared kettle. This room is separated from the aisle by sliding doors.
Second Class Standard Second Class seating.

Note: When purchasing tickets, you can choose either upper or lower berth. If you are traveling with companions, the system will arrange for you to be in the same room and with adjacent beds if possible. However, this will depend on the availability of remaining tickets at the time of booking. There is a possibility that you may have to share the room with other passengers.

EMU sleeper berth tickets sold by station ticket machines will be randomly assigned. If passengers need to choose the upper or lower berth, please purchase the tickets through 12306 Online Ticketing Platform (including website and mobile app), or the ticketing counter at station or designated Ticket Agents.

[Other Train Facilities]

  • Toilet
  • Dining Car* (Car no. 8 on Beijingxi Sleeper Train and Car no. 9 on Shanghai Hongqiao Sleeper Train)
  • Complimentary hot water (please bring your own bottle or cup)
  • Power socket
  • Reading light
  • Hanging hook

*Food and beverage supplies are limited and may not satisfy all passenger requirements. Passengers are encouraged to prepare their own light meals

Remark: Train facilities are subject to change due to train fleet deployment


One pair of train daily from Friday to Monday for both Beijing route and Shanghai route.

To Beijingxi (Journey time: around 12 hours and 30 minutes)

Train Departure time Destination/Arrival time
Hong Kong West Kowloon Shenzhenbei* Dongguannan* Guangzhou* Changshanan Shijiazhuang Beijingxi
D910 18:24 18:42 19:11 20:13 23:08 05:20+1 06:53+1

To Shanghai Hongqiao (Journey time: around 11 hours)

Train Departure time Destination/Arrival time
Hong Kong West Kowloon  Shenzhenbei* Chaoshan Xiamenbei Hangzhoudong Shanghai Hongqiao
D908 19:49 20:07 21:56 23:00 05:34+1 06:45+1

To Hong Kong West Kowloon

Train Departure station/Departure time Arrival time
Beijingxi Shijiazhuang Handandong Zhengzhoudong Guangzhou* Dongguannan* Shenzhenbei* Hong Kong West Kowloon
D909 20:13 21:38 22:23 23:29 06:59+1 07:59+1 08:28+1 08:47+1
Train Departure station/Departure time Arrival time
Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhoudong Shenzhenbei* Hong Kong West Kowloon
D907 20:15 21:15 07:09+1 07:29+1

*Tickets for short-haul interval between Hong Kong West Kowloon and Guangzhou (Including Shenzhenbei and Dongguannan) will not be available.

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